Malus No.2

I love flowering and fruiting bonsai. One of my bucket list trees always were miniature apple trees. For different reasons they were not part of my collection until this spring. Than two such trees find its way into my garden. They have been grown by my passed friend Vincent and when trees from his collection were looking for new home some of them came to my place. This are not those nice circumstances but such is life and I try to develop those trees further as good as I can. 

We are having apple season in our area so I took opportunity to make few shots of one of the bonsais with ripen fruits. Weather is particularly cold this october, so colors could change dramatically soon. Tree was brought to my place in simple plastic container so I gave it temporary ceramic pot. Tree surprised me with its vigorous growth and abundance of flowers. In late spring I decided to remove majority of forming fruits and kept only a few of them. Next spring I will work on basic structure, but generally I'm happy with direction of majority of branches.  

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