Acer campestre No.2

Acer was growing for some time and shots were quite long already. They were easily around meter long. It is good for gaining thickness in branches. But due to space issues I decided to cut it back even if further unrestricted growth would not hurt it anyway. So branches were shortened, almost leaves removed. Stumps were carved since they were just roughly cut during collecting. Now they are more suitable to overall design. Then all branches were wired and now I will wait for another flush of growth. Tree is still quite fresh, collected only in 2014 and it sits in large plastic bowl. But in year or two it will go into first ceramic training pot and roots will be worked at the occasion as well. Now it could look bit messy but trust me, there is nice tree hidden inside. 

After wiring and carving.

July 2016 - on beginning of the session. 

Cut back

Start of the wiring and carving

Reverse taper of the stump must be solved with power tools.

Dremel starts to work

and Makita must take over the job for tougher moments

scars on branches must be worked also

and after wiring this is current result

One of initial pictures from last year one year after collecting from wild.

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