Cornus mas "Vesna"

I was not blogging for a while. Up until today trees were in winter storage and I was focusing on other projects and took sabbatical from bonsai. But spring is here and it was time to put gloves on and start to work on trees again. My cornus was flowering for some time and I think it was time to repot it. Thing is, tree is sitting on hill which is obviously too high. One problem with it is that it is hard to water well core of the root ball with such hill. Reason why hill is so high is that there are old thick roots inside root ball and some rocks which prevent tree from being potted deeper. So task for today was remove some mass from bottom and try to pot the tree in more shallow position. Unfortunately one of the rocks embedded into roots is grown so hard that I did not dare to remove it toady. It has to wait for next repotting. Till then new roots in upper parts of the substrate will be grown hopefully. 

Before repotting

Preparation of substrate, zeoilite 4-8mm plus Terramol 3-6mm, plus rough peat

removing old thick roots. typical job on yamadori material, sometimes it take time to do it safely

Very thick roots removed by saw

Cleanig pot from mineral deposits on bottom

Wires prepared for securing tree

Fixing tree in pot with wires

With fresh substrate and few cm deeper.

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