Betula pendula No.2

This little bonsai tree was collected from wild forest in April 2012. It was doing quite well since then. As all of my trees it was potted in mixture of zeolite and rough peat. Since first days feed well with Osmocote and organic granulated fertilizers. Regarding design there was few problems, secondary trunk did not sprouted at all so it has to be removed and on its place is small scar. Tertiary trunk is much thinner and from future design point of view is not so good. But I'm pretty sure it can be developed into reasonable second trunk. On top of the tree new shoots sprouted just too low and definitely not according to my optimistic expectation. Therefore large part of dead wood was removed recently and carved into hollow trunk. If everything will go well proportions will change in few years and it will look more natural. Base of the trunk is nice and bark is OK there, nebari is also good and will be more visible when tree will go into training pot in year or two. 

April 2015 after some little wiring and carving of dead wood.

June 2012, with lots of fertilizer granules. 

May 2012 sprouting

April 2012 just after collection and potting

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