Carpinus betulus No.13

This tree was collected back in March 2012. During that time I had quite a few hornbeams already in my collection. I remember I was looking for different species, some prunus or hawthorns. But it find him and had a feeling it is too good to be left there. So here are few pictures from its short development. It will be big challenge to develop new parts of the trunks and make transitions between original trunks and new growth. But it is doable even if it takes a lot of time. Another challenging part is tallest trunk with lack of real taper. Seams to be too high and boring. Apex part of the trunk was just worked with power tools so some taper is created there already. Some branches were slightly wired and placed into positions. I will let it grow now during whole season and I will see what tree will tell me. Nicest part is obviously nebari. If there was no other reason this nebari is definitely worth it.  

March 2015 after editing and light wiring

March 2012 just after collection from wild

Nebari detail

In May new growth was appearing

New growth determined final heights of the trunks 

June 2013 after one season in pot

And again now, in March 2015 ...

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