Larix decidua in new pot

We had nice warm spring Saturday so it was a good time to do some repotting. Larch deserved new pot so it has one now from Luboš Škoda kiln. The pot was not purchased for this larch and it is obviously a bit bigger than needed but it was best I had for the tree right now. Pot is much shallower than previous one, so I covered the top of the substrate with moss to use whole depth of it for potential root growth. 


  1. Lovely tree and interesting pot... Me too!!!

  2. Looks good! What do you use for substrate now? Terramol, pumice and zeolit? Saturday was nice and I got some work done. But only some, some is the key word :D

    1. I was working whole weekend on removing winter protection, trees were put on shelfs, and I repotted like 8 trees or so. I thought again why Im not collecting stamps for gods sake.
      I used pumice, ľava, Zeolite and terramol.


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