Fraxinus No.2 "Jan"

Couple of days ago new pot appeared in my garden. Looking at it I had an idea I could have tree for it. So I took this ash tree from the shelf and looked how it will look like. Tree was taken out from previous chinese pot and roots were examined. Some minor editing to the root ball were necessary and tree fitted quite well. I used fresh moss to protect roots and keep them moist. Few days later it was good light to take decent pictures. You can see the result for yourself. There is plenty of posts about this tree here on my blog, but short summary - tree was collected from wild in Spring 2010, so naw in its 7th season in my garden. 

As you may know I try to name some of my better trees. I have a feeling this tree deserves name already. So,  I'm using this event of moving tree to new pot to baptize it to "Jan", after one special person in my personal life. 

New pot from Tomas Snovicky
Usual substrate preparation, mix of Zeoilite, Terramol and rough peat, Osmocote fertiliser into mix. Ready to go. 

Rough peat, in our part of the world referred also as lithuanian peat. Soaked in bucket and only floating parts used for substrate. 

In one of the spring post about ash I was reporting about shortening of the two thick roots. Both done well and new roots appeared from around the cut. 
Current front

Back side, not bad either

2010 - 2017 in one picture. 
There will be autumn foliage soon but, tree is still green as one of the last in my garden. I wait for yellow foliage, and then I'm curious how the tree developed structure this season. Pictures will follow obviously. 


  1. Impressive to see the progression in one image. It would be great if you could do more of these progressions. :-)

    1. Thanks for comment. I made couple of those already. I thought it would be nice to have shortcut visual from beginning to the current stage. Never had any feedback on it so I was not sure it it makes any sense producing.


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