Tilia cordata No.2

I would like to share with you few pictures of one of my bonsai projects in early stages of development. This tree is kind of rarity in my collection. Why is that? It is not yamadori, not collected from wild. 
Tree is seedling which I got from my uncle as gift from nursery. As tiny pencil thick tree it was plated in the garden of my mother-in-law about 5 years ago. So it is my first field grown stuff in the pot right now. It is about 50 cm tall now and trunk at base is about 7 cm wide. I used to work on this tree just about 2 times a year. As filed grown tree it was growing like hell. 
This is reason why tree has quite a lot of flaws in the structure of the crown. You will see it on one of the future posts when I will be able to make winter pictures with detail pictures of crown structure. It was taken out from ground last year and potted into current plastic pot into mixture of zeolite 4-8 mm fraction and rough peat. When taken out from ground I could see it has nebari which is far from being good. I should have been working on it in earlier stages of development in the ground. Too late now. I see air layering as only viable option for the future. Lesson learned.  I will update you on future progress. 

Current stage of the tree after some editing. 

before quick trimming recently

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